Year 5/6, English, Fiction from our Literacy Heritage, Treasure Island Unit

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6 lessons includes plans and resources

The children will be encouraged to use reading journals to record their thoughts, predictions, questions and notes. To widen their experience they will be given opportunities to read extracts aloud and to watch excerpts from television or film adaptations. They will explore the relationships between characters and the language and techniques used to present these relationships and develop the plot. The children will work in pairs or groups, as well as a whole class and will discuss the techniques they use to help them understand the text, such as prediction, empathy and visualisation, using a story mountain. Finally, they will be supported in writing in the style of the author to rewrite a chapter or write a new one. These lessons use Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94) as the focus text. It will be helpful to have begun reading it as a class before starting this unit and to have finished it before the third lesson. This will enable children to delve more deeply into the plot, characterisation, language and structure.

1 Treasure!• To use technical vocabulary to talk about pirates

2. Notes on ‘the old sea dog’ • To draw picture notes of the main parts of the story

3.Long John Silver • To study dialogue between main characters to recognise how character can affect their behaviour.

4. The book versus the film• To compare film and print versions of the same scene

5 Mapping the story • To outline key events in a story’s structure

6. A missing chapter • To continue a story in the style of the author


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