Multi Academy Trusts, Clusters and Federations – March 24

Pupil Attainment and Progress Tracking for MATS, Clusters and Federations

  • iTRACK Strategic is aimed at Multi Academy Trusts, Clusters and Federations, where there is a need to assess and compare pupil attainment and progress, teacher assessments, standardised scores from independent tests and SATs across a number of schools.

If you are the data manager for a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), the CEO or one of the Directors or Trustees  accountable for the performance across the trust, then iTRACK Strategic is the essential business tool for you! Strategic management of a MAT or any group of schools requires multiple layers of robust data to be interrogated with ease. This system provides you with an instant oversight of all data captured across the schools, graphically illustrating areas of strength and areas for improvement.

iTRACK Strategic tracking is automatically updated on a daily basis from the individual school records, making comparison simple and highly effective. The example below demonstrates how performance comparison is clear and concise. 

itrack strategic chart 3
itrack strategic chart 1
itrack strategic chart 2