Year 2 English/ Literacy, Explanation 5 lesson Unit (Life Cycles)

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Taken from our Year 2 Literacy Resource File

The focus is on following and producing explanatory texts. This unit is closely linked to the curriculum area of science and life cycles of plants. Children begin with an investigation into the seeds of various plants. This is followed by a reading phase about the life cycles of some of these plants. The children then link the texts with the appropriate diagrams and pull out some of the key language to help them make a glossary and understand how to write explanatory texts. Children are given the opportunity to look at more examples of explanatory texts before they begin the investigative study which they will finally write about. In groups, children follow instructions to grow potatoes. At each stage they are encouraged to observe and record the process and the results. They are encouraged to keep a diary of the investigation and to evaluate their own work as they go. At the end of the investigation, they are asked to review the process and finally to produce a presentation about the life cycle of the potato

1 What is it? • To promote interest in the topic. • To follow the stages in an explanatory text about the life cycle of a plant. • To understand what a glossary is.

2 Explanation language and features
• To focus on the form and organisational features of explanatory texts. • To widen the concept of what topics explanatory texts deal with.

3 Let’s grow potatoes
• To initiate an ongoing investigative study in order to develop and produce an explanatory text. • To read, understand and follow instructions.

4 Our potatoes• To conclude an ongoing investigative study in order to develop and produce an explanatory text. • To work collaboratively to produce a paragraph describing the end result of an investigation. • To share information

5 Presentations• To produce an explanatory text/ presentation. • To produce a suitable visual explanation of a process. • To use labels as an aid to visuals.

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