Year 2, English/Literacy Instructions Unit

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Taken from our Year 2 Literacy Resource file.

The unit, Instructions, builds on work done in Year 1 and has three phases, with oral and written outcomes and assessment opportunities at regular intervals. The focus is on following and giving instructions. Children begin with an oral phase, followed by a recognising, reading and following phase, and finally progressing to the written production phase. Within this context, children begin to explore the key structural features of instructions and learn to select the appropriate register and style necessary for instructions. This unit uses many curriculum areas in order to give children as much variety as possible in the instructions they read, follow and compose.

Lesson 1 Listen and move
• To be able to listen to and follow oral instructions. • To recognise an instruction because of its language style. • To be able to give oral instructions telling someone how to move

  1. Photo tableaux
    • To listen to, follow and give oral instructions explaining how to position one’s body. • To be able to look at a photo of a person and work out how to make another person recreate the same pose.

3 Let’s make a smoothie!
• To follow instructions successfully to make a smoothie. • To identify the structure of an instructional text – in this case, a recipe. • To read and match instructions with pictures.

4 Mum’s birthday cake
• To consolidate the text structure. • To practise reading and understanding a text which describes a process

5 Writing instructions for making things with paper
• Recognise adjectives and nouns. • Be able to write numbered instructions. • Be able to extract a set of instructions from a report text.

6 Instructional texts
• To recognise instructional texts from the language, topic and layout. • To complete a chart with information about an instructional text

7 How do I get there?
• To use directions as a form of instruction. • To write and follow directions.

8 Looking at language
• To use directions in order to focus on written presentation, specifically spelling, collocations and punctuation.

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