KS2 Day 1 Home Learning Planner: The Romans

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Based on a theme, LCP’s daily home learning plans are here to help give parents ideas for fun and engaging activities for their children. Each day includes a mixture of independent and working with adult activities and a timetable to help structure the day.

It includes all resources and hyperlinks.

Day 1 The Romans includes links to History, DT, Art, Writing, Reading and Science.

DISCLAIMER: Website addresses are provided in this resource in order to offer additional information sources for teachers. It is not unknown for unscrupulous individuals or organisations to place highly

unsuitable materials on websites to which children might have access. It is essential that teachers check the content of websites before allowing pupils to have access to them. In addition, although we try to suggest reliable sources, websites and the individual pages within them can sometimes be removed or have their website addresses changed by their owners. LCP cannot be held responsible for other organisations’ websites which are removed or changed, nor for the content of such websites.


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