SEND Literacy/ English, To Read and Spell the High-Frequency Words (5 lessons, Week 2)

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An introductory programme for children not yet ready to embark on the Renewed Literacy Framework

To recognise and write letters ‘h m d g c o’
• To read and spell first 23 High Frequency Words
• To recognise sounds at the beginning of words
• To read and write a sentence using some HF words

SENsational Literacy is an introductory programme designed to help those children who are not yet ready for the Renewed Literacy Framework or who have been struggling to keep up with their peers in class. It is an excellent way to help them to them to gain confidence in literacy and build up the skills they need. Most importantly they will have fun with words and letters.

SENsational Literacy can be used by a teaching assistant to teach a small group of children who need extra support in literacy. After completing the scheme they will have gained the necessary skills to be able to join in with the main literacy class. It can also be used by the teacher to teach the whole class if extra literacy support is needed across the board. It is suitable for children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, and it is also suitable for other children coming into the school who may not yet be able be working within the Year 1 curriculum.

How long does the programme last? The children are taught one lesson every day for six weeks. What do the children learn? The children learn the basics of literacy through simple tasks, covering introductory letter recognition and the application of High Frequency (HF) words, underpinned by game-based activities and guided reading. A full overview of the course can be found on page 6.

What does the material consist of? Each lesson is divided into a warm-up and main activity. Once a week the children are required to participate in an activity to help to consolidate their understanding. Additional Resources Sheets offer photocopiable material which can be used in a variety of games during the class. Home Learning Sheets are provided to support each lesson. The children are required to do the worksheets every weekday evening to consolidate what they have studied that day as well as guided reading at weekends. You may wish to write to the parent/guardian to let them know that their child is studying the scheme and may need help with their daily worksheet.


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