Maths Homework Download Year 6

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Here is a sample homework sheet Y6A 1 RoundAbout

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Our Mathematics Homework Activities provide you with a set of challenging and engaging Maths homework activities for every week of the school year.

Each maths activity addresses a whole or part of a learning objective and all the Homework Sheets are in Microsoft® Word format.

Year 6

  • – Introduction– Objectives– Homework Answer Sheets

Block A Counting, partitioning and calculating

Round About / Key Calculations 1 / Key Calculations 2 / Don’t Be Negative! / Number Calcs!

Extra Tricky / Putting Numbers in their Place 1 / Putting Numbers in their Place 2

Ordering Decimals 1 / Ordering Decimals 2 / In Your Head / What’s Going On?

Block B Securing number facts, understanding shape

Just Checking / Spot On! / Crack the Code / It’s a Bit of a Puzzle / All Square /

Prime Time / Planning, Planning, Planning! / More Tricky Calcs! / Did you Know? 1 /

Did you Know? 2

Block C Handling data and measures


It’s There Somewhere! / Not Likely! / Swapping Units / It’s a Problem / On Average

What’s the Picture? / Converted

Block D Calculating, measuring and understanding shape

Going Mental / Everything’s Rosy in the Garden / Doing the Numbers / How Much Space?

Get the Right Angle / Coordinating / Imagine…

Block E Securing number facts, relationships and calculating


Mixed-Up Fractions / Twenty Per Cent / Just the Same / Which Way? / Your Number’s Up!

All in Proportion / Share it Out / Just A Bit / No Remainders This Time / Patience! Patience! / Transition / Triangles / Biscuits / Angles Without Measuring / Pressing the Right Button /

Roughly… / More Sharing / Probably…

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