Year 6 Maths Mini Home Learning pack

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This mini pack is from our Homework activities for Year 6.

This pack includes answers and parental guidance.

The main purpose of this Mathematics Homework is to make your life, as a teacher and parent of Year 6 pupils, as easy as possible. All of the homework activities are based on the renewed Primary Framework for mathematics.

With a full set of answers included, you can be confident that your students are getting regular, relevant homework that tests their understanding across the Year 6 objectives.

The Year 6 curriculum is structured into five blocks, reflecting the same structure as the other primary year groups. Each block is made up of three units, and each unit represents two or three weeks of teaching. The blocks are:

  • Block A: Counting, partitioning and calculating

    • Block B: Securing number facts, understanding shape

    • Block C: Handling data and measures

    • Block D: Calculating, measuring and understanding shape

    • Block E: Securing number facts, relationships and calculating


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