Year 3 Problem Solving: Solving Mathematical Puzzles (5 Sheets) with Answers

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Links to the objective: Reasoning about numbers or shapes

  1. Solve mathematical problems or puzzles,recognise simple patterns and relationships,generalise and predict.Suggest extensions by asking ?What if???
  2. Explain methods and reasoning orally and,where appropriate, in writing.

5 Sheets with Answers and example strategies to solve the problem.

The overall aim is to help pupils to apply in a variety of situations the mathematics they have already learnt.The programme seeks to achieve this by teaching the strategies that will enable pupils to approach a variety of problems in a more logical and systematic way. The more specific aims of the programme are to promote the following:
? willingness to attempt problems and to persevere;
? confidence in one?s ability to solve problems;
? awareness of problem-solving strategies;
? awareness of the value of approaching problems in a systematic manner;
? ability to select appropriate solution strategies;
? ability to apply solution strategies accurately;
? ability to monitor and evaluate one?s thinking whilst solving problems.

The problems included:
1: Football Kit
2.Striped Shirts
3. Mountain Biking
4. Bike Tracks
5. On Target

Taken from Problem Solving Years 3&4


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