Year 2 English/Literacy Information Texts Unit (Skimming and Scanning)

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Taken from Year 2 Literacy Resource File

This unit is closely linked to the curriculum areas of natural science, geography and history. The children begin by learning and practising skimming, scanning and gist-reading skills using a variety of texts. They then focus on a main topic (the life of a famous person) and practise close reading and note-taking. This leads them on to posing questions about the life and times of the person: in this case, Pocahontas. They then carry out the necessary research to answer their questions and, finally, compose a collaborative information text on the topic. This text is divided into chapters with sub-headings, and also incorporates images. The children will build on work in Unit 2 by producing a glossary to go with their information text

1 A review of information texts
• To review and assess prior knowledge of information texts. • To talk about what information a specific text contains

2 Skimming• To focus on the form and organisational features of information texts. • To use skim-reading to read for gist and to evaluate the usefulness of a text. • To review question forms. • To identify and describe the uses of different parts of an information text.

3 Scanning• To develop scanning skills when reading non-fiction information texts. • To find key words in a text. • To match subheadings to sections of a text.

4 Pocahontas • To research and write an information text based on an historical topic. • To practise notetaking and close reading of a text. • To navigate an online text. • To use an online glossary. • To use notes to answer questions about the text. • To understand a text about a famous person.

5 Selecting information
• To research a specific topic area and collate information in order to collaboratively compose an information text. • To pose questions. • To record the information using an appropriate method

6 Writing an information text
• To use research in order to put together an information text. • To maintain purpose, narrative tense and information text features in composition. • To use images to aid written text.

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