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To coincide with the Year 1 Phonics Check, this last book in the series offers resources to finally prepare pupils for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.

Enter a magical world of giants and monsters, dinosaurs and aliens, trolls and fairies and discover that you really can Make Phonics Fun!

Make Phonics Fun – Summer topics include:

 • Holidays •  Pets
•  Transport •  Minibeasts
•  Fairytales •  All About Me

Whilst, each book in Make Phonic Fun series can be used independently, the complete series is recommended.

Each book in the series builds up in terms of complexity, leading to the final Summer edition.  An ideal support to prepare for the Year 1 Phonics Check.

… just see what Mr Phonics had to say about it!

The Make Phonics Fun series helps the teacher prepare their Year 1’s for the Phonics Screen Check.

Enter a magical world of giants and monsters, dinosaurs and aliens, trolls and fairies and discover that you really can Make Phonics Fun!

  • Each book has been designed to run alongside existing phonic schemes.
  • The series enhances Year 1 phonics as well as support the development of reading across KS1.
  • It has been written by an experienced primary literacy team.
  • The book is wiro bound for effortless copying and includes a clear contents page.
  • The Autumn, Spring and finally Summer books has differentiation in the level of activities to reflect progression as children move throughYear 1.
  • Optional use. Books can be used independently or as a series, that progresses phonics throughout Year 1.
  • Flexible – each book is stand alone and, while some of the themes within each book are topical, many are interchangeable across the seasons.
  • The Make Phonics Fun series support schools by keeping in line with Letters and Sounds using references to grapheme-phoneme.

There are three books in the series and each one contains the following.

  • Teacher’s Notes
  • Fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • Picture prompts
  • Photocopiable activity sheets
  • Test Card
  • Answer Sheets20 Pseudo and 20 Real Words (in each topic!)

For each topic covered there are two pages of practical teacher’s notes offering activity ideas to help you make the best use of the resources and text provided.

Activities are clearly signposted to indicate whether they are most suitable for shared, guided or independent reading sessions and where relevant opportunities for writing and for developing speaking and listening skills are also highlighted.

To support schools using the phases of Letters and Sounds, references to grapheme-phoneme correspondences are kept in line with Letters and Sounds.

Across the three Make Phonics Fun books, there is a subtle differentiation in the level of the activities, to reflect a gradual progression in phonic understanding and decoding skills as the children move through Year 1.

For example, the activities in the autumn book introduce children to graphemes and their alternative pronunciations up to early Phase 5 only, while most split diagraphs are covered in topics for later in the school year.

Across the different genres, within the Make Phonics Fun series, children are introduced through fiction, non-fiction and poetry text to a list of key words, enabling them to develop their decoding and blending skills.

Real and pseudo words have been chosen to cover the grapheme-phoneme correspondences contained in Sections 1 and 2 of the screening check.

Each topic is also supported by photocopiable labelled picture scenes, providing visual cues for some of the key real and pseudo words to be tested.  Care has been taken to ensure that the pictures representing the key pseudo words are of objects and items that are clearly meant to be imaginary.

Pseudo and Real Word – Test Cards

Each topic book from Make Phonics Fun has at the heart of it, a carefully selected list of 40 real and pseudo words (20 words for Section 1 and 20 words for Section 2 of the screening check), building a word bank, from topic to topic and term to term, that will cover the broad range of grapheme-phoneme correspondences that the children should be familiar with by the time they approach the end of Year 1.

Make Phonics Fun sets out to make preparation for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check both effective and fun.

Designed to complement your school’s phonics scheme, the three books in the activity-based series offer all the resources you need to enable your pupils to apply their phonics knowledge across the curriculum, from teachers notes, test cards and activities to pseudo words, poetry and fiction.

There is a book for every term, each covering six inspirational topics – that’s 18 topics in total! Each term’s book, progresses throughout Year 1 and increases with complexity.  Books can be purchased individually but for best results we recommend using the complete series.

In short, the series offers all the resources you need to enable your pupils to apply their phonics knowledge across the curriculum and to develop their phonics skills in context, through play and by making use of their environment.


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