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Most teachers are aware that focus weeks are an excellent way of introducing creativity into the curriculum and ensuring that learning has an impact.  Pupils have time to complete their learning activities and gain from the excitement and sense of purpose that such a week can bring.

However, teachers are also aware of what a mammoth task it is to set up such investigative weeks!

Our Focus Week CDs take the hassle out of implementing such weeks.

The Geography Focus Weeks are a subject-focused, cross-curricular resource that helps you to run creative and inspiring geography focus weeks for pupils from Reception to Year 6.

The download offers pupils the opportunity to engage in whole-school activities that develop a range of geographical skills and relevant subject knowledge.  Each of the special weeks takes an enquiry-based learning approach, which is ideal for developing thinking skills.

This download is for:

  • The European Union

The wealth of customisable resources for each week includes:

  • comprehensive planning timetables for the co-ordinator
  • draft timetables for each week
  • launch assemblies (including full-colour PowerPoint presentations)
  • full-colour presentations for INSET training
  • background information on all investigations including links to the National Curriculum
  • lesson plans, prompt sheets, pupil self-assessment sheets
  • stimulating full-colour photographs that can be projected onto an interactive whiteboard
  • pro formas (eg letter templates)

All this and much, much more is just waiting to be discovered in our Geography Focus Weeks!

There is an editable version of the planning and teaching materials in Microsoft® Word and a site licence is included in the price.

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