EYFS: Non-Fiction Text, Our Classroom. Text and Activities

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Includes 1 Non-fiction text with 1 question/activity sheet. Text title:
Our classroom

The text is very short and includes a picture on the front of each reading card. Most children at Foundation Stage may not be able to read the text by themselves, though they may be able to guess at some of the words because of the context. The idea is that an adult or more-able reader will read the words to and with the child, before discussing the picture and the theme of the card.

The Talk time questions on the other side of the card are simply suggested prompts for the adult. It is important to encourage the child to ask questions about the theme of the card.

The Fun time activities are designed to trigger off cross-curricular investigations, research enquiries and creativity. The activities may be done at school or at home and a summary of the resources needed for each card is given on card G. The activities are mainly practical in nature, so that all children can succeed, whatever their levels of literacy.

The Puzzle time section contains cartoons or puzzles that are related to the main theme of each card. They give children the opportunity of playing with words and reinforcing their language skills.

Each card has an All join in section with either a short poem, a song or a rhyme. Very few children at this stage will be able to read the words by themselves, but the intention is for the adult and child to learn the rhyme by heart and enjoy saying it together.

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