Year 3 Spelling, Grammar and Creativity (71 worksheets) including answers

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This is the full book: Grammar and Creativity for Year 3

It includes 71 worksheets with answers.

Blurb: Good writing may start with an exciting idea, but it needs structure to make sense to a reader. Grammar provides a framework on which to display the imagination.

Writing brings together individual expression and an understanding of the rules that allow our language (any language) to make sense. This book has been written with the view that grammar and creativity go hand in hand to produce good writing. Developing children’s understanding of the basics of English will encourage their literary adventures. The range of activities here has been designed to excite interest as well as guide children and teachers through the rules.

The guide comprises three main sections: word, sentence (including punctuation) and text.

This guide is organised in an incremental way, earlier tasks acting as the foundation for later ones. Step by step, each exercise follows on from previous or earlier work. In this way, both the child and their teacher will develop a sense of the progress being made. At any particular age, of course, children will be working at different levels and may need either more fundamental or more challenging work set for them.

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