Year 5/6 English/Literacy unit, Tales from other Cultures and traditions-Journey to Jo’burg

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Includes lesson plans and resources.

Taken from our Literacy Upper Keystage 2 Resource File
Tales from other cultures and traditions
Lesson:1 Once upon a time… (two versions of Red Riding Hood)
LO: To find similarities and differences between two stories

Lesson 2: Would you trust this wolf?
LO: Speak and write in a persuasive way and use speech marks with other punctuation.

Lesson 3: Creating word pictures
LO: Use similes and metaphors to make writing interesting

Lesson 4: The real Mr Wolf
LO: To recognise that stories change when told from a different perspective

Lesson 5 Journey to Jo’burg
LO: Find out about life in other countries by reading stories. • Make notes about characters and places

Lesson 6: In Johannesburg
LO: Read between the lines’ in stories. Write newspaper articles and letters from different viewpoints.

Lesson 7: Going home
LO: Discuss important issues found in stories. Make notes on both sides of an argument.

Lesson 8: Inspiration for Journey to Jo’burg
LO: Match an author’s experiences to scenes and characters in their stories.

This fiction unit explores some stories from other cultures. In reading stories from a variety of cultures and traditions, children are encouraged to see differences in relationships, customs and attitudes and use of language. Children will identify points of view and plan and retell a story from alternative viewpoints. They will also précise texts and rewrite them as letters, dialogue or newspaper articles. There will be opportunities to discuss the motives of both the characters and the story tellers. The first four lessons focus on versions of the familiar European folk tale ‘Red Riding Hood’. The last four lessons analyse a children’s novel – Journey to Jo’burg written by a South African author in the 1980s. As one focus of this unit is on story illustrations, it might be useful to link with Art and design lessons and invite a professional illustrator into school.

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