Year 4 R.E, War and Suffering, 5 lesson Unit

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Unit resources
Medium-term plan
Lesson 1: Why are there wars?
Lesson 2: Why is there suffering?
Lesson 3 & 4: Responses to suffering
Lesson 5: Christmas Day truce

Taken from our Lower Keystage 2 R.E Resource file

This unit grapples with an issue of universal debate both within and between religions. In recent years, religious fanaticism has been regarded as a major contribution to war and suffering around the world. In truth, religious zeal has always been a factor in conflict on a local, national and international scale. By starting with playground problems and other contexts in which pupils’ arguments may get physical, the unit explores the problem of what is meant by a ‘justifiable’ war, looks at both religious and non-religious responses to war and suffering through the work of charities, and ends with a look at how individuals can make peace, even when whole countries are fighting each other. The length of the unit means that this is not intended to be an in-depth study, so you should see each lesson as an opportunity for pupils to develop questions, rather than be given all the answers. It will be important to address any topical issues or current events that may occur while you are teaching this unit to make the subject an uncomfortable reality for your class.

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