Year 3 R.E Right and Wrong 7 lesson Unit

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Unit resources
Medium-term plan
Lesson 1: Doing the right thing
Lesson 2: Making choices
Lesson 3: A good influence
Lesson 4: Wrong choices
Lesson 5: David and Goliath
Lesson 6: Inner strength
Lesson 7: It’s up to you

This unit is intended as an introduction to thinking about ultimate truths in Key Stage 2. By beginning with ‘golden rules’, found represented in all major faiths, pupils then explore how their sense of right and wrong can change with circumstances. By using stories from different faiths and by studying the actions of believers who chose what they believed to be right over wrong when that was a hard choice for them to make, pupils are introduced to the concept of faith and behaviour being inextricably linked. The issue of ‘right and wrong’ will be discussed almost daily throughout a school child’s life! For this age group, right and wrong tends to be very cut-and-dried. These lessons are not intended to introduce the issue of ‘grey areas’ or ‘relative truth’ as children at this age have neither the spiritual, mental, moral or ethical maturity to address these issues appropriately in a classroom context.

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