Year 3/4 Science Forces- Magnets- Full Lesson and Resources

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Lesson Objective: to explore the effect of magnets on each other and on certain materials.

Learning objectives Children learn: • that there are forces between magnets; • that magnets can attract and repel each other,and that ‘attract’ means pull towards and ‘repel’ means push away; • that some metals are attracted to magnets,and that other materials are not; • that magnets have many practical uses.

Learning outcomes Children: • given a magnet of unfamiliar shape,or with unlabelled ends, demonstrate how it is attracted to,or repelled by,another magnet;
• generalise about what happens when magnets are put near one another or together,using scientific terms,e.g.attract,repel;
• classify a range of materials, including metals as magnetic or non-magnetic,and explain how their work enabled them to do this;
• make a generalisation about magnetic behaviour,e.g.iron is magnetic but other metals are not; materials that are not metals are not magnetic;only some metals are magnetic.

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