UKS2 (Year 5/6) World War 1 (WW1) Geography and PSHE 7 lessons

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Taken from our UKS2 WW1 Resources File.
This is Unit 5.
There are six units available for Upper Key Stage 2, each focusing on different curriculum subjects but also designed to complement one another to support cross-curricular planning. An overview, in the form of a Planning Chart, is also included.
Each unit contains Activity ideas packed with facts, suggestions for different abilities and for working both in and out of the classroom, one Activity sheet, two Visual resources and a photocopiable Factsheet. Supporting the units are two Timelines, a World War I Glossary and two Maps of Europe showing how the geographical landscape and country boundaries changed as a result of the war.

Lesson 1:A guide to Leper
Lesson 2:The impact of the landscape
Lesson 3: Belgium then and now
Lesson 4: The creation of new countries
Lesson 5:Here and there
Lesson 6: Can you find your way around Leper?
Lesson 7:National pride

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