UKS2 (Year 5/6) 7 Art, DT, Music and PE lessons based of World War 1 (WW1)

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Each unit contains Activity ideas packed with facts, suggestions for different abilities and for working both in and out of the classroom, one Activity sheet, two Visual resources and a photocopiable Factsheet. Supporting the units are two Timelines, a World War I Glossary and two Maps of Europe showing how the geographical landscape and country boundaries changed as a result of the war.

It provides an example of creative and effective cross-curricular planning, taking a key historical event as a starting point for meaningful, subject-focused activities. All the activities and resources included are matched to the requirements of the NEW Primary Curriculum (implemented September 2014) and are designed to be flexible, and used to follow ideas for English and Foreign Languages Years 5 & 6 so that teachers can choose to use them in their entirety, as a complete project framework, or as a dip-in resource bank of ideas.

There are 6 units. This is unit 6- Other units are available. Or purchase the full resource file on our website.

Lesson 1: World War I fashions – Military wear
Lesson 2: World War I fashions – Civilian wear
Lesson 3:Design innovation
Lesson 4: Amazing vehicles
Lesson 5: Political art
Lesson 6: Political art – Propaganda posters
Lesson 7: Political art – Three-dimensional morale boosters

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