KS1 History: Mary Seacole includes Worksheets and Plans

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This unit links to the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements in the Programme of Study and considers the key historical enquiry question, How do we find out about Mary Seacole? It introduces the children to the idea of historical sources, introduces the concepts of old and new, and encourages them to think about the life and times of a famous person. The approach used could be applied to the study of other famous people. It provides a wide range of opportunities for children to develop their spoken language. It is helpful if the children have: ordered events in time and used everyday terms about the passing of time; answered questions about people/ events in the past using pictures and written sources; recounted episodes from stories about the past and looked for similarities and differences between today and the past.

Lesson 1: How do we find out about a famous person?

Lesson 2: The story of Mary Seacole.

Lesson 3: Recording the life of a famous person: The wonderful adventures of Mrs Seacole


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