R.E – Year 5 – Islamic Prayer

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This lesson explores more deeply one of the five pillars discussed in the last lesson: prayer or salah. Islamic prayer takes place five times a day, each time taking about ten minutes. These compulsory prayers help Muslims keep God at the front of their thoughts and keep them from doing bad deeds. Other prayers
also take place at any time and these are called du’a and are often more personal prayers.

The thinking skills strategy of fact or opinion will be used in this lesson. This strategy is used when
material is controversial, such as the idea of a religious belief. It encourages people to think about what is a
fact, a belief or an opinion.

Learning objective
Learning about:
• To understand the importance of regular prayer
in a Muslim’s life; and to understand the beliefs
that teach the importance of regular prayer.

Learning from:
• To understand that what is truth to one religion,
may be considered to be an opinion to another
group of people.

Success criteria

Learning about:
• Pupils will be able to explain the importance of
prayer in the life of a Muslim and discuss how
prayer improves the life of a Muslim.

Learning from:
• Pupils will have considered facts and opinions
about prayers and be able to express their
own views about how different people might
categorise beliefs.

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