Problem Solving KS2 Yr 5&6 – Download

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Our Problem Solving resource file helps develop pupils’ thinking skills and boost their confidence by using and applying mathematics theory to solve problems, enabling them to approach a diverse range of problems in a logical and systematic way.

It features time-saving lesson plans, suggestions for ‘teaching actions’ before, during and after solving the problem and pupil-friendly activity sheets containing mathematic problems and extensive teaching notes.

You will also find hints – to be used when necessary – on guiding your pupils towards the correct strategy.

Available for KS1, KS2 (Years 3 & 4) and KS2 (Years 5 & 6), our Problem Solving resource files will improve your primary school pupils’:

  • Willingness to try new problems.
  • Perseverance when solving maths problems.
  • Awareness of different maths problem-solving strategies.
  • Awareness of the value of approaching problems in a systematic manner.
  • Ability to select appropriate solution strategies.
  • Ability to apply solution strategies accurately.
  • Ability to monitor and evaluate their thinking whilst solving problems.
  • Ability to answer more problems correctly.

Your pupils’ thought processes are sharpened and their confidence boosted.


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