Phase 5 Fairy Tales Reading and Writing Unit

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An alternative version of the traditional fairytale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. This quite challenging text uses a range of alternative graphemes from Letters and Sounds Phase 5. The premise for this story is that our monster family would probably not have heard of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, a story with a bad wolf and a good child, but they may have a similar story which they tell their monster children, in which the monster is the good character and the villain is the child.

Speaking and listening
● Help the children to draw a
storyboard or story map to support
a retelling of the story.
● Provide fabrics, blocks and smallworld resources to create a threedimensional story map.
● Use role play to tell the story from
one point of view. To explore ideas
for this, use drama techniques,
such as ‘hot-seating’.
● Act out either the monster version
of the story or the traditional
version, using voices for the

Guided and shared reading:
● Use the story as a shared text.
Support the children as they read
words which contain alternative
spellings for phonemes (see table,
● Compare and contrast this
version with a traditional version of
Red Riding Hood (see ‘Resources’,
page 91).
● Traditional tales are some of the
easiest texts to use when asking
young children Assessment
Focus 7 questions (Relate texts
to social, cultural and historical
contexts and literary traditions) as
it is relatively easy to find simple
retellings that the children can
read independently. For example,
you could ask:
● How did you know that the
boy would do something
● Did anything surprise you in
this retelling of the story?


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