Phase 2- Assessing Segmenting for Spelling -Monsoon

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Phonics has been brought to the fore following the Government’s introduction of the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in July 2012. There is now a wealth of material on the market to help assess children’s development with regard to blending for reading. However, until now, there were very limited supplementary materials available that supported teachers in monitoring children’s attainment and progress regarding segmenting for spelling.

The Fun Friendly Phonics – Assessing Segmenting for Spelling series has been designed as an assessment tool, which can be used to accurately identify gaps in children’s segmenting for spelling skills in an engaging and child friendly way. This product has been extensively tested in one of the largest primary schools in the country. It has proved to be an invaluable resource which can be used to inform future planning and delivery of phonics sessions to help ensure that all learners make outstanding progress. The easy to use assessment grids assure progress can be easily monitored, helping to identify those children who may need extra support. Additionally, for school or subject leaders, the assessments can be used as a monitoring tool to help evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching of phonics in their setting.

These assessments are: • Unique • Child friendly and engaging • Easy to administer • Essential in highlighting gaps in children’s phonics learning • Closely linked to the Government’s Letters and Sounds document • Designed to work alongside and compliment LCP’s daily phonics planning.
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