KS1 (Year 1/2) PSHE, Choices Unit of Work

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Taken from our PSHE KS1 Resource file.

Lesson 1: Making choices
Lesson 2: Dilemmas
Lesson 3: Choosing a friend
Lesson 4: How to play
Lesson 5: Playing safe
Lesson 6: Managing money
Lesson 7: Money and talents
Lesson 8: Looking at job choices

In this unit of work, the children will be taught to understand that we all have a right to our opinion, which we express in the choices we make. Discussions throughout the unit will also help children to understand that their choices have different consequences, not only for themselves, but for other people around them. Even at an early age, there are real choices for children to make, for example, choosing healthy options at school meal-times and deciding what games to play. The lessons will also begin to cover and allow opportunities for discussion concerning how to use money wisely and how to explore related issues such as fairness; whilst encouraging the children to think about different career choices for the future.


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