KS1 History: Remembrance day (links easily to VE day) 4 lesson Unit

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In this unit, children explore an event that has been commemorated annually for over a 100 years. Children investigate the origins of Remembrance Day and how its significance has grown to incorporate conflicts up to the present day. Children who belong to service or refugee families may have direct, personal experiences of recent hostilities, and their schools will need to exercise sensitivity and discretion in teaching this topic. It is helpful if the children have considered other types of anniversaries and/or commemorations and used historical sources such as artefacts and photographs to ask and answer questions about the past.
Although this focuses on Remembrance day the unit can be easily adapted to fit for VE day

1: Memories
• To find out why people wear poppies at this time of year.
• Explain why we wear poppies for Remembrance.

Lesson 2: Remembrance Day
• To discover what happens on Remembrance Day.
• Understand what happens on Remembrance Day and why we commemorate it.

Lesson 3: War memorials• To investigate the war memorial in our area.
• To understand why we have war memorials.

Lesson 4: Display• To create a Remembrance Day display.
• Explain the importance of Remembrance Day.

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