History – Yr5/6 -Ancient Greece – The Greek Theatre Lesson (FREE)

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Ancient Greek theatre.

The purpose of
this lesson is: to investigate the ancient Greek theatre.

Children should learn:
• to deduce information about an aspect of the Greek
way of life from pictures of buildings and texts;
• to combine information from several sources;
• about the role of the theatre in the way of life of the
• to structure work in the form of a play.

Class objective:
• to investigate ancient Greek theatre and what
happened there.

Children should be able to:
• recognize the main features of a Greek theatre;
• understand the religious connections between
theatre and religious festivals;
• find out the sorts of plays the Greeks liked and who
wrote them;
• contribute to the preparation and performance of a
play that demonstrates the key features of Greek

Includes full lesson plans and activities


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