History – Yr3/4 – Ancient Egypt – 10 Lessons Full Unit

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What can we find out about ancient Egypt from what has survived?

In this unit children find out about the way of life of people living in ancient Egypt from archaeological
discoveries. Children will develop their understanding of characteristic features of a society; identify the different ways the past is represented and use sources of information to make simple observations, inferences and deductions.

Medium-Term Plan
Preparatory information
Websites on ancient Egypt
Lesson 1 Ancient Egypt – what do we know?
Lesson 2 Egyptian artefact
Lesson 3 The gift of the Nile
Lesson 4 Looking at ancient Egyptian artefacts
Lesson 5 Life in ancient Egypt
Lesson 6 Writing and numbers
Lesson 7 Ancient Egyptian beliefs about life after death
Lesson 8 Creating an Egyptian burial chamber
Lesson 9 Egyptian visit
Lesson 10 Ancient Egyptian display
Picture Prompt sheets


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