History – Year 5/6 – Who were the Ancient Greeks? – Full 12 Lesson Unit

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In this unit children find out about the way people lived in the ancient Greek empire. They use a range of archaeological and written sources, select and record information and interpret the past in different ways. It is helpful if the children have: learnt about the way of life of people from different cultures who lived in the distant past; considered some of the attitudes and values of people living in the distant past, their motives and the results of their actions; used artefacts and pictures as sources of information.

Medium-term plan
Preparatory information
Useful websites about the Greeks
Lesson 1 Greece today
Lesson 2 Ancient Greek city states
Lesson 3 Athens and Sparta
Lesson 4 Triremes and hoplites
Lesson 5 The battle of Marathon
Lesson 6 Who did the ancient Greeks worship?
Lesson 7 Theseus and the Minotaur
Lesson 8 Ancient Greek theatre
Lesson 9 The play’s the thing
Lesson 10 The modern Olympic Games
Lesson 11 The ancient Olympic Games
Lesson 12 What we know about the ancient Greeks
Picture Prompt sheets

All lesson plans and activity sheets included.

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