EYFS PSHE/Understanding the World, Relationships at School

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Taken from our PSHE EYFS/KS1 Resource file

One lesson with activities to get the children thinking about key questions.

About the unit in general:
The material in this unit contains ideas on how PSHE and Citizenship can be introduced in the early years. Many of the skills and values that fall within this area of the curriculum are taught throughout each day in an Early Years classroom. The qualities they encourage are illustrated on the following page. Three themes: • Fairness • Relationships • Choices have been covered in depth. Many of the qualities that are developed in PSHE and Citizenship are embraced within these particular subjects. They are fundamental to the Early Years curriculum. Timing In this unit most of the activities would take 10-15 minutes. However, some of the ideas presented are not full activities but suggestions of how to incorporate the topic into the everyday classroom


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