EYFS/KS1 Learning Outside: 5 Sessions, Homes and Homelessness

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Taken from Learning Outside the Classroom: Early Years Foundation and Key Stage 1.

Includes 5 detailed Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: In this session, the children talked about why homes are important and thought about what it would be like to be homeless. I then introduced the children to a homeless woodlouse who needed us to help him fi nd a new home

Lesson 2: This session involved a walk around the local area, where the children looked at the different types of homes in which people live. This would then lead into the next session about the different homes in which animals live, which would help the children to fi nd a new home for Harry the woodlouse.

Lesson 3; In this session, we looked, in our school grounds, at the types of homes that different animals live in. The idea of the session was to gather some more ideas about the kind of home that Harry the woodlouse might like to live in

Lesson 4: In this session, we looked at ‘habitats’, as a wider term for animals’ homes, i.e. the area where an animal lives, fi nds food and moves around. We studied different habitats in the school grounds and looked at the animals which lived there. We focused particularly on minibeasts, to help us decide about the habitat we could create for Harry the woodlouse

Lesson 5: In this session, the class collected materials from outside to create their own habitat for Harry, which would be put outside afterwards for Harry and other wildlife to live in. The children used their prior learning about animal homes and habitats to decide on the important features of Harry’s new habitat.

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