Wibsey Primary School

Tracking small steps of learning in a mainstream school

Wibsey Primary School purchased iASEND in November 2021.

Wibsey Primary is a busy and dynamic school and one of the biggest in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Hannah is the SENCO at the school. She contacted us in October 2021 after hearing about iTRACK Education (formerly LCP) on Social Media. Hannah needed to track small steps of progress, as their whole school tracking system was unable to demonstrate this. The pupils that they had identified they needed to track, were now working below, but within the National Curriculum. They did have a couple of pupils lower than this so they needed a tracking system that could cater for both, and could work alongside what they currently did within school.

After a demonstration, the school proceeded to invest in iASEND.
When asked why the school invested in iASEND, Hannah commented: “During a meeting with the School Improvement Officer, I was asked how I numerically show the small step progress of our children on the SEND register. Although this is evident in the children’s books and by speaking to staff, on our whole school tracker they were not moving and looked as though they had made no progress”.

When asked how the school was using the system after the final training session, Hannah commented further, “iASEND had been useful as a planning tool for teachers. We are using it in a formative approach in order to help plan next steps. Because it covers most subjects, it is extremely helpful in looking at progression for the children across the curriculum and the subject leaders are using it to monitor progress. What we really like is the personal development section that covers many of the PSHCE objectives and is really useful for children with SEMH difficulties as this is an area which is hard to track progress”.