Teignmouth Community School

Tracking small steps of learning in a school’s nurture group

Teignmouth Community School, Mill Lane is part of the Osprey Learning Trust. Teignmouth is a small seaside town south of Exeter, Devon. The school is proud to be fully committed in providing the best possible outcomes for the children in their community. Their hard working and dedicated staff work as a team to achieve this. They strive for excellence in teaching and learning and are aspirational regarding children’s achievements, encouraging them to believe that there is no limitation to their capabilities.

In December 2019, Katy-Anne Powley, their Inclusion Teacher, contacted us about our product iASEND. Katy-Anne is responsible for a nurture group within the school that consists of children at KS2 age and are working on the Year 1 and 2 curriculums. She wanted a system that would demonstrate the small steps of progress her learners were making. Following a conversation on social media about similar circumstances, she contacted LCP about its iASEND program dedicated to the SEND community.


Alice, our Educational Consultant based in Devon, arranged to visit the school and to meet Katy-Anne and their SENCO Luke Williams. Listening to their requirements, Alice demonstrated how iASEND would show her pupils depth of learning as well as any new learning. Katy-Anne was keen to look at the different objectives and see how the objectives were broken down into learning that is more manageable for pupils. Alice showed how Katy-Anne could see progress in the different subjects, something that they had previously struggled to demonstrate on their mainstream school tracker.

After a conversation with her SLT, Katy-Anne started her journey with iASEND in January 2020. She commented ‘iASEND has been a great tool for us and allows me to show small steps of progress that children are making. The system also allows us to share this with parents in a clear way. iASEND is simple to use and allows us to meet the needs of our children with confidence and know that we are tailoring the learning for each individual.’