South Petherwin CP School

Demonstrating Progress for all school pupils with ITRACK and iASEND

South Petherwin CP Primary School, led by Headteacher Theresa Mills, is a village Primary school near Launceston, Cornwall. A member of the Launceston Rural Learning Trust, the school takes pride in putting the children at the heart of every decision they make to ensure that they are happy, confident and motivated to achieve endless possibilities.

Following the closure of SPTO, Theresa Mills spoke to a local Headteacher (also a part of the Launceston Rural Learning Trust) about identifying an alternative tracking system. He recommended iTRACK for its ease of navigation as well as the robust reporting features and the fantastic support offered by iTRACK Education (formerly LCP). Theresa explained “We wanted a system that ‘does what it says on the tin’.  We didn’t want an overcomplicated system that tried to be all things to all men.  We wanted something reliable, effective and backed up by someone at the end of the phone/email to give us a hand when needed.” Philip Beale met with Theresa in May 2018 and demonstrated to her how iTRACK could meet her requirements.


iTRACK was adopted and rolled out across the school in March 2019. Alice Wilson, iTRACK Education’s regional Educational Consultant, delivered system training and has worked closely with Theresa ever since to build her confidence in using the system. Growing a relationship with our clients is of the upmost importance to iTRACK Education.  We want to ensure schools are happy and confident in using our system as well as understanding the requirements of schools. Theresa added “Alice has felt more like a colleague and a friend on the end of the phone rather than a consultant.  She is amicable, approachable and doesn’t mind me asking the most trivial of questions.  She really does provide a gold star service.”

The school then discussed their need to demonstrate the progress of pupils making smaller steps of progress for those working below their peers. Alice demonstrated iASEND, iTRACK Education’s dedicated program for the SEND community. iASEND works by breaking down the curriculum into smaller steps to make learning more achievable, similar to a programme seen historically by the school. Theresa particularly liked how this was a cost-effective solution and how it could clearly demonstrate their pupils’ progress and provide a positive outcome to share with parents. Theresa stated that this was of huge benefit and because it is so clear and easy to use it can be shared with all stakeholders.  “I like the way it really puts the child at the heart of the assessment process, this helps with planning and identifying their next steps as well as showing what they can achieve.”

We look forward to continuing to work with Theresa and their school dog ‘Buddy’ in the future.