Chalfont St Peter Church of England Academy

ITRACK – A Fliexible school pupil tracking system

In March 2019, Chalfont St Peter Church of England Academy, a junior school in Buckinghamshire, decided they wanted to change their assessment-tracking package. Nicola Alburg, Assistant Headteacher, stated ‘we wanted a system that would build on our current set up and specifically allow us to track progress and support our parents with their understanding of their child’s academic achievement.’

After a demonstration, Nicola liked ITRACK but wanted to ensure she had found the best solution that matched their requirements. After viewing a wide range of assessment packages, they felt iTRACK was the best package and proceeded to join the iTRACK Education (formerly LCP) family. They liked iTRACK for its user-friendly and flexible features, meaning that it could be tailored to their needs. Alice Wilson, Educational Consultant, has since worked closely with Nicola to advice on best practice within iTRACK as well help wherever possible. Nicola commented ‘iTrack has proved to be a great addition for us, the teachers find it to be incredibly user-friendly and we are looking forward to using it beyond the first year. We definitely recommend it to other schools.’